5 Reasons You Should Have a Weekly Family Game Night

5 Reasons You Should Have a Weekly Family Game Night

In our modern digital world, carving out family time can be a challenge. However, research shows that spending unplugged time together as a family is crucial for a child's development and family well-being. One fantastic way to achieve this? A weekly family game night! Here's why this simple tradition can have a big impact:

Building Stronger Bonds: 

Families who engage in regular activities like game nights experience stronger emotional bonds. These shared moments of laughter, competition, and collaboration create lasting memories that solidify family connections. Think about it - how often do you truly connect with your family in a way that's free from distractions? 

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Developing Life Skills: 

Board games aren't just fun, they're educational! From turn-taking and following rules to strategic thinking and problem-solving, games can help children develop valuable life skills. These skills translate far beyond the game board, preparing them for success in school, work, and future relationships. A study on the NIH website, (National Institute of Health) found that board games can improve our memory and cognitive development - these benefits are also applicable to our children. This enhanced memory function can then contribute to better academic performance and overall cognitive development.

Unplugging and Connecting: 

Let's face it, screen time can easily dominate family evenings, and it often does. TV, video games, phones; screens are easily accessible and can be brought/found everywhere. The allure of tablets, phones, and TVs is strong, but excessive screen time can have negative consequences for children's development. Game nights offer a welcome break from electronics, encouraging face-to-face interaction and communication. This is especially important for children, who learn social skills best through real-world interactions, especially from their families. 

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Promoting Healthy Competition: 

There is a distressing trend of parents trying to steer their kids clear of losing. Ever. Competing in and losing games is something kids have to learn one way or another - and board games provide a safe space for children to experience competition in a positive way. They learn the importance of setting goals, developing strategies, and adapting to changing circumstances. Most importantly, they learn to win gracefully and lose with dignity. There is no better place for a child to learn to win and lose than at family game night, where children can build resilience and a growth mindset, and understand that losses are opportunities to learn and improve.

Learning Through Play: 

Games can be a fantastic way to reinforce academic skills in a fun and engaging way. Whether it's building vocabulary with word games or practicing basic math with roll-and-move games, learning becomes enjoyable during family game night. For younger children, games that incorporate elements of counting, matching, and critical thinking can provide a significant developmental boost. The best part? Your kids won't even realize they're learning because they'll be too busy having fun!

So ditch the screens, dust off the board games, and roll the dice! Family game night is a win-win for everyone. You'll create lasting memories, strengthen your family bond, and maybe even discover a hidden competitive streak in Grandma (watch out!). Make it a weekly ritual, and watch your family thrive together.

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