Our Story

The Founders and Owners of Da Bored Book - Tyler & Kirsten

Da Bored Book was started by Kirsten & Tyler when when Kirsten's little sister kept complaining about being bored and asking for something fun and different to do. As an adult with a busy schedule, they knew they would have to find something hands off to keep her entertained. Kirsten got to work and created the very first Da Bored Book -- a folded paper book with a list of activities. Kirsten covered each activity with a piece of tape and then painted the tape with black paint that could be easily scratched off. Her sister loved it! Kirsten's brothers started asking for their own versions!

The Original Bored Book, created by Kirsten for her little sister

The process for making DIY Da Bored Books was a bit tedious, and after realizing more kids wanted their own, Kirsten & Tyler knew they had to figure out a way to make this book more accessible to kids. Now, Da Bored Book makes scratch off activity books that can be enjoyed by children worldwide! We are working on making more versions so kids can stay entertained and parents can get some guilt-free rest.